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Member of the Cooperative Housing Association of New England

Member of the National Association of Housing Cooperatives

Village Creek, a planned, interracial, waterfront community with 67 homes in South Norwalk, CT, was officially incorporated in July of 1949. Following is an excerpt from a 1951 prospectus describing its beginnings:

"Those of us who started Village Creek had a special kind of a community in mind. We were looking for a good place in which to live and bring up our children, a community which would be in itself a model of democracy. We wanted a healthful place to live, waterfront view, closeness to New York, nearness to schools, stores and local centers of employment. But above all else we wanted a community with a completely democratic character - no discrimination because of race, color, creed or politics.

After more than a year of investigating we agreed to buy and subdivide one of the last undeveloped waterfront properties between New York and New Haven. Our 67 acre property has room for more than 70 families on individually-owned lots averaging 1/3 acre each. We will have an 8 acre community area with 800 feet of beach on Village Creek."

The tenets described above laid the foundation for what is today a beautiful and vibrant community which has realized the objectives of its founders. Current residents retain the vision those founders put forth, and continue to enjoy the many benefits of this "special kind of community."